The Birth of SPHERE

Welcome to the very first SPHERE blog entry.

SPHERE was born out of two things. Firstly, taking the wide-ranging experience and knowledge that Hilery has gained in the past decade as a fitness professional and fusing it into a holistic method. A method simple enough for anyone to integrate into their life and see results on all levels, mind, body and soul. Secondly, it was about finding a community to call home. Somewhere SPHERE was needed and somewhere it would fit in. A tight-knit community but one where visitors are not unwelcome strangers. A community where people live and visit to be happy and healthy, a place to find inner peace.

We looked at possible locations in California, Florida and the Canadian Rockies but found ourselves most positive after a visit to Mid-Coast Maine. We both remember standing atop Mt. Battie looking down on the harbors and thinking “this is the place”. We are so excited that we found Rockland. The town and the surrounding communities, are true gems. We are looking forward to contributing to the community not only with our business but also with our love of karma yoga (selfless service). Hilery will be holding free yoga classes in the park, giving free bodywork sessions to cancer patients and is always looking for projects she can contribute to. Paul will be starting a run club in the fall and looking for some other volunteer opportunities in the area.

Our marketing campaign has started focusing on Outdoor Boot Camps in Snow Marine Park and Bodywork sessions in Owl‘s Head. Look for our flyers and advertisements around the Mid-Coast area. Watch for upcoming information regarding the free Sunset Yoga classes, Run Clubs, Workshops and our potential participation in the Maine Lobster Festival.

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About spherefit

SPHERE - Simple Powerful Health & Exercise Routines for Everybody. We have created a health and fitness method that takes the best of several modalities and combines them into plans that suit all levels of health from the couch potato to the elite athlete.

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