SPHERE Boot Camp

SPHERE Boot Camps are not your typical boot camp classes. Most trainers will put you through a ton of push ups and random cardio drills that will have you huffing and puffing, convinced you had a killer workout.  We are not just about exhaustion and sweaty armpits. At SPHERE each workout is planned to methodically incorporate every component of a healthy lifestyle.
We use the six ranges of motion from PranaVayu yoga in our warm-ups to help us stay injury free and increase range of motion and flexibility. For example, the half forward fold helps by stretching the front torso, strengthening the back, shoulders and abdominals for better posture, and stimulating blood flow to the legs to prepare them for the workout to come.
We incorporate a variety of exercises that work the smaller muscle groups that will help improve your posture.  You are not going to come out of these classes with just better abs but more flexible hamstrings and stronger spinal erectors. Core work is implemented to help reduce and prevent lower back pain too!
Cardiovascular exercise is done to levels that help increase lung capacity, endurance and stamina; not to see if we can make you feel like puking. Agility and functional training drills are used to help make every day activities easier and improve sports performance. Everything combined will  get you strong and toned, helping you lose weight and increase your energy to put into all the areas of life that matter most to you.
All this comes with expert instruction and demonstration, powerful motivation and a multi-level approach to each drill that we never fail to challenge you. You may be coming to boot camp to justify the donut you want to eat, or to get rid of the ones you already ate but you will get more than that. You will leave with a clearer mind, a more positive sense of self and an array of effective strategies in improving your body and mind. You will sleep better, have more energy and maybe become the next of Hilery’s bootcamp clients who end up being a fitness professional themselves. These boot camps are just that good.

About spherefit

SPHERE - Simple Powerful Health & Exercise Routines for Everybody. We have created a health and fitness method that takes the best of several modalities and combines them into plans that suit all levels of health from the couch potato to the elite athlete.

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