What to Expect from the Learn-to-Run 101 Course

This eight-week course is for non-runners and novice runners of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Its intention is to help you make jogging an enjoyable, safe and regular part of your lifestyle.

Enjoyable because it will provide a supportive, motivational group atmosphere that is conducive to having a positive exercise experience. See the earlier post “Everybody Wants a Friend with Benefits” (http://wp.me/p1HSrT-x) or the masses of research available on the internet regarding this topic. Safe because the classes are carefully organized around themes of  injury prevention, proper pacing and personal safety. And regular as the course is designed to allow you to find the pace, and frequency that works for you, your schedule and your goals.

Eight consecutive  Mondays at 6pm starting October 17 the group will meet for a one hour class. The class will consist of; a 15-minute talk on one of the important areas of beginner running, followed by a short warm-up, a carefully paced run and a cool-down stretch. For the first three weeks the runs will be gentle with walking periods and the focus will be on the correct biomechanics and building some stamina. The next four weeks will see the walks become less frequent and the running phases gradually increasing in length. The final class will be where we reach our goal of jogging for a full thirty minutes.  In addition to the Monday classes everyone is welcome to join the Saturday run at 12pm* in which a run at the same pace is repeated. This second class of the week is optional and does not include a talk but is recommended.

Themes covered during the course include stretching, correct shoes, good running posture and form (biomechanics), safety, watches heart monitors and other gear and many mor

* This day and time is negotiable within the group in an attempt to conform to everyone’s schedule

If you have questions or want more information please feel free to email me at paul@spherefit.com


About spherefit

SPHERE - Simple Powerful Health & Exercise Routines for Everybody. We have created a health and fitness method that takes the best of several modalities and combines them into plans that suit all levels of health from the couch potato to the elite athlete.

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