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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Image A few simple steps can help you avoid a traditional Thanksgiving-to-New Year’s weight gain.

1. Portion Control – Remember that there is a lot of food during this time of year and eating more of it than you ever did is not your goal. This year try to eat a little less than before and do it by taking a little less on your plate. You will still be satisfied and most likely still feel full so try for a few less of each item available.

2. Eat slower – The abundance can lead to rapid eating. Eat slower and give your digestion a chance to function. You will find you eat less this way.

3. Hydrate – Keep up or even increase your water intake. It will help with the digestion and flushing of all the rich food and help you eat less. Make a glass or two of water part of any meal.

4. Have Smart Meals too – You know the big meals are going to be there but ensure that the other meals you eat during the season, the breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that are not part of the celebration, are of a high quality. Good sensible meals of healthy ingredients in between the feasts will help to offset any excess.

5. Don’t Abandon Your Exercise Routine – Time gets tighter and more stressful during the holiday season but the first victim of this pressure cannot be your time at the gym or yoga studio or wherever you get physical activity. Not only will this help prevent weight gain but it plays an important role in dealing with the stresses of the holiday season.

Recent studies show that holiday weight gain is not as much as many people believe it is, with only 10% of people gaining more than 5 pounds, but holiday weight is usually not lost by a large percentage. As it accumulates over a few years this weight gain becomes a significant factor in the obesity problem. Follow these five steps so that you can avoid getting stuck in the chimney yourself a few years from now.