We have created a health and fitness method that takes the best of several modalities and combines them into plans that suit all levels of health from the couch potato to the elite athlete.This holistic approach takes from High Impact Interval Training HIIT (boot camps, personal training and express workouts), cardio (running and spinning), bodywork (thai therapy, energy medicine and assisted stretching), mind-body connection (yoga and meditation), general health education (workshops) and diet (nutrition).
All activities are led by experienced, energetic, well-qualified instructors who strive for a motivating, non-judgmental and positive atmosphere. We manage to make all of this results-based, cost-effective, and simple enough to fit into your busy lifestyle. Our goal is to educate our clients to make simple lifestyle changes that will make dramatic differences in their quality of life. These changes may range from losing weight, to having better posture, to increasing energy, to managing stress in a healthier and more productive way.
We are based out of Rockland, Maine but travel to run workshops and see clients throughout Maine, Boston, New York and Miami on a monthly basis.  We also have an eight-week online training program to help integrate the SPHERE method into people’s lives in an affordable way across the country.

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