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Test Yourself for this Disease Spreading through America

Overview & Facts
EX-Skusightis. While not new, it is a growing problem in the United States. This causes people with so much potential to lead unfulfilling lives by having an excuse for everything. Although they really know they should do something, it is in their best interest, they will always have a solid reason why they can’t. Exercise is one area where sufferers of EX-Skusightis are particularly prevalent. Check the following list of “symptoms” to see if you potentially have this disease:


1. “I just really hate exercise.”

2. “I can’t afford a gym membership.”

3. “I never see any changes in my body.”

4. “I don’t know how to exercise.”

5. “I have to many other responsibilities and can’t make the time.”

6. “I just can’t seem to stay motivated.”

7. The SyFy channel is running a Babylon 5 marathon this week so I’ll start next week.”

8. “I am too tired.”

9. “I’m just big-boned and will never be skinny, so why should I bother?”

10. “I am too stressed.”

11. “I’ve got good metabolism, I don’t need to exercise.”

12. “I need to lose some weight and get in better shape before I go to an exercise class.”

13. “I don’t have any nice workout clothes or sneakers.”

14. “I’ll start once I finish all the cookies, chips and ice cream at home.”

and so on.

Diagnosis & Tests
Sit down and make a list of every excuse you make not to work out including any of the ones above. Look at the logic behind them. Are they as illogical as number 12 above? Do they not even ring true? You may have this horrible disease.

Another test. Are you sitting on the couch right now? Are you eating corn chips while sitting on the couch right now? Are you sitting on the couch, eating corn chips waiting for ESPN6 to replay the highlights from last year’s Professional Bowing Association Des Moines Open? Have you turned off your cell phone so no one can interrupt this high point of your day? If you answered “YES!” to any or all of the above you probably are a sufferer of EX-Skusightis or its more serious counterpart Sofipotatiosis (see below).

Related Diseases:

Sofipotatiosis – A serious disease that often follows EX-Skusightis. The symptoms are many. Too many to list here but all revolve around movement and the near total lack of it. One benefit of the disease is that you sometimes get your picture in the newspaper but this benefit is mitigated by the fact that the picture is of the Fire Department is using a heavy-duty winch to transport you out of the front picture window.

Treatment & Care
Get up. Get out. Be active. Don’t listen to the disease. Come talk to us at SPHERE! We have answers to all the excuses except number 12 which makes our brains hurt.