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Foods That Fuel Your Workout V – Quinoa

  The Queen of Protein. Quinoa can be added to almost anything, is excellent warm or cold, cooks easily and stores very well. Why is it taking so long for this ancient grain to re-establish itself in the world diet? It is gluten-free, full of iron and manganese and, as stated, an excellent source of protein. It is very low on the glycemic index for a carb as well.


Foods That Fuel Your Workout IV – Refried Beans

  Not actually fried, the beans are cooked and mashed creating a delicious spreadable paste. A half cup gives you a quarter of your   daily fibre needs and twenty percent of your daily iron needs. Add some salsa and your iron absorption improves. Plus you get 15g of protein, fuel for your workout and a tasty meat alternative. Some canned versions are very high in sodium so read the labels carefully.


Foods That Fuel Your Workout III – Blueberries

Free-radical killing, cell-strengthening blueberries are the third food in our series on workout foods. Best raw or dried this native North American fruit is also a major winner in fibre content and studies have linked the blueberry to better urinary tract health and better vision. A half a cup added to cereal, yogurt or smoothies will give you 45g of carbs or about an hours worth of jet fuel for your workout.

Foods that Fuel Your Workouts II – Sun-Dried Tomatoes

 Just half a cup of these savoury treats will boost your electrolytes and provide almost a quarter of your daily calcium needs. Plus tomatoes have  a large quantity of lycopene, a cell protector that lowers the risk of several cancers. Enjoy sun-dried tomatoes in soups, salads, sandwiches, stews and curries and, of course, in pasta sauces or directly on pasta for a light meal.


Foods that Fuel Your Workouts I – Dates

Why pay for a gel pack when four dates will do the same thing for much less? As much as 60g of good glycogen-boosting carbs, 600+mg of potassium and healthy concentrations of iron, copper and zinc. Add them to pasta sauces, rice dishes and salads or eat them on their own they will help you make it through those tough workouts.